What's Involved

A website is a tool that needs to be built so that it performs its job, whether that is selling products or services or providing information.Therefore the fundamentals are the same as a physical store i.e.

  • Location, Location, Location. You could have the best products and the best store in the world but people need to be able to find it - we make use of  Search Engine Optimisation to ensure your site can be found easily.
  • Once a prospective customer finds your site, you need to get them "inside the door"  by presenting the products or services in a way that appeals to the customer . We do this using proven website design processes
  • Once a customer decides to buy, the process needs to be quick and simple. We do this for all interactions such as e commerce and Contact Forms as well as ensuring all contact details are clear and easily located.
  • You will need a Domain Name, eg thimble.co.nz.  If you don't own one, we can arrange to register the name of your choice (subject to availability).
  • Domain Name and Web hosting. To appear on the internet you will need a web host. - we have our own servers and can provide both Domain Name and Web hosting
  • Ongoing Support and Maintenance such as helping you to keep the website up to date and web software updates, (especially security updates) and monitoring to ensure the site is not hacked or defaced.

We can take care of all the steps involved in getting your website online.